How have you been getting on? I’ve stuck to my one change to make more time for myself. It wasn’t easy as January is notoriously busy for my profession but I have put by a few hours each Friday to walk and cycle more on the Ridgeway, improve my fitness knowledge and take time to re-energise my mind and body.

It’s February already and it seems like a hybrid approach to fitness and health is going to be the preferred option for my clients in 2022.

A mix of online classes, in person classes, one to one sessions, outdoor exercise as part of a more tailored approach is already popular. Everyone has their own needs both nutritionally, physically and mentally and an individual approach caters for that.

When it comes to personal training I encourage my clients to put their needs first. You come first when it comes to taking control of your well-being. As we return to some sort of normality our priorities are under pressure to change, as quite often our responsibilities grow. There are more after-school clubs to get the children to, more pressure to return to working from the office, more time lost travelling in the car, train or bus. The remaining time left for personal pleasures can be limited. This is where you could experience the benefit of short exercise programmes, a quick stretching plan for home, and simple but easy to prepare nutritious meals.

I believe we are more aware than ever how to make positive health and fitness changes. Remember that the journey to fitness and improved health is just as important as the end goal. It has to be meaningful and fulfilling or you will find it difficult to maintain. If you enjoy it you will stick to it! Devote 10 minutes each day to doing something for fitness. It can be different things on different days. Keep it fun and keep it varied. Use the fitness tools that are freely available – apps, mobile fitness tech and home exercise equipment etc.

I have noticed that when a client tries a regime that worked for their friend it may not work as well for them. Do your own research (or ask your personal trainer to!) – if someone shares their diet with you, check it out as much as possible before agreeing to do it yourself. So many people I know have started on a programme but can’t remember who told them about it or why they are actually doing it. Find something you enjoy and you will be more likely to stick to it! It may be your friend’s regime or something different – the important thing is that it works for you!

What am I going to try this month? AG1 (Athletic Greens) Comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition

AG1 is a supplement powder containing 75 vitamins, minerals and ‘whole food-sourced’ ingredients. As it’s a supplement powder not a meal replacement, I take it before food in the morning. It’s the first ‘super greens’ type supplement that actually tastes quite nice! I’ll let you know any effects it has on my body, if any, and whether I will buy it again.


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