Our weight can fluctuate, our training plans fail, our willpower falter and our goals change.

Yes, life gets in the way of good intentions to stay healthy, slim, buff, strong or whatever is important to you. Once things start to unravel then bad habits, overeating and lack of motivation to exercise can take over.

To do a reset we need to take control of our daily routine. Take a look at your diary and understand that some of the occasions you have booked might involve activities that aren’t compatible with weight loss or good health! However, between these dates there will be times you can still do things to make positive change. By deciding in advance which days you are prepared to do better and which days you are going to enjoy ‘the party’ you can keep going and not lose motivation.

It does have to be your decision, not someone else’s. Making change for a friend or because a family member has told you to, often isn’t enough to keep improving your habits.

Looking to the future rather than constantly re-living the past helps to keep your outlook fresh and unencumbered with baggage. Dwelling on previous ‘failures’ can stop you before you even start. By taking a fresh approach, doing what you can when you can, by planning ahead and keeping it simple you will see results. It doesn’t have to be another new diet plan (remember diets don’t work long term); a lot can be achieved by making just one small change at a time and sticking to it.

The current economic climate has put pressure on all of us. The temptation or sometimes the necessity to spend less on good food is understandable. Buy one get one free offers on processed foods has been in the news recently. These deals encourage us to spend our hard earned money on food that may not be good for our health and can lead to overeating. They make us feel happy momentarily but unhappy in the long term when we see the impact on our health and weight.

Wherever possible, avoiding the things that make us feel ill or disappointed or even guilty (or choosing not to feel guilty) is key to long term health and weight stability. Remembering to decide in advance the days you are going to eat well or exercise and those days where, due to social occasions or activities, it’s not so easy, will help to keep you on track. Seeing that you can stick to small changes will encourage you gradually to add more positive actions to your daily routine.

Everyone is different, and trusting your own instincts and following your gut feeling is a way to achieve results that work for you. Be confident and follow your own plan, don’t be swayed by other people’s advice. There’s no need to buy another book on well-being or weight loss or recipes or exercise regimes etc, etc. If what you do makes you feel unwell or unhappy then maybe it’s not for you. Do what makes you feel better, well or happy and keep doing it!


Richard Marfell
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