I’ve been a personal trainer since 2006. When I took over Carswell Gym I was excited at the opportunity to meet lots of new people and help them with their fitness and weight management. Over the years I’ve come to understand that some of what I’d learnt when I trained to be a personal trainer didn’t necessarily work for everyone. I’ve realised that giving someone an exercise programme, eating regime and a place to train isn’t necessarily enough. After working with hundreds of clients I believe that building a trusted relationship and providing ongoing support is key to achieving results. Understanding people’s behaviour and mindset around food and exercise – outside of the few hours they spent in the gym each week – is what helps them to make change.

Between us, my clients have made true behavioural changes and so achieved their goals – and maintained them. Their focus shifts from weight loss, and they start to feel better about themselves. As I get to know my clients better, I gain a greater understanding of their real needs and we share ideas about training, recipes and where to go for a good meal out! We discuss the latest fitness and nutrition research, and I’m able to tweak client’s eating and movement until we find what works for them.

If you’ve tried apps, gyms and classes but you’re still struggling to achieve change and have lost motivation then a different approach might work for you, like it has for my clients. If you’ve read all the books and tried all the diets, maybe it’s time to try something new. I’m in it for the long term, and will support you to change in your real life rather than just the few hours you spend each week at the gym! In my experience, it’s not about how many reps you do or whether you eat potatoes or pasta. Improving your fitness and health is about making small but impactful changes that become part of your day to day life (adjusting them when you need to) and enjoying the experience as well as the benefits of lasting change.


Richard Marfell
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