Whilst sports massage is highly valued by many athletes, it is actually a very good generic massage suited to many individuals, especially people experiencing pain or injury to soft tissue.

Sports massage also relieves sore and tense muscles, and helps with general relaxation, which is especially valuable in our modern, stressful world.

There are several known benefits:

  • Pain relief – boosts circulation and speeds up healing, prevents or minimises DOMS
  • Improved flexibility by increasing range of motion at the joint – reduces muscle tightness and allows soft tissues to extend without strain
  • Breaking down of scar tissue – removes fascia tightness over specific muscles and tendons
  • Reduce risk of injury / improved recovery – people report fewer injuries and reduced recovery time after regular sports massage
  • Reduced muscle cramps – regular sports massage can reduce frequency of muscle cramps, as it helps the body to eliminate lactic acid
  • Reduced tension – due to the relaxing nature of the treatment!
  • Psychological benefits – through relaxation and endorphin release which boosts mood

Many feel that a sports massage can be a critical part of athletic well-being – both physically and psychologically. It can be used pre-event , post-event or as a maintenance programme.

Whether you are looking for a massage due to a sports injury or just in need of a deeper massage targeted towards specific areas of tension, why not contact Richard via The Faringdon Clinic or at:

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