The fitness environment is constantly changing. With the latest fitness apps, new ways to train and cutting edge equipment your training and nutrition has never been more supported, monitored and fun. We are always looking for new ways to look and feel better – so why as a nation have we never been more overweight and less fit?

Even with all the help that’s available most of us are we still struggling to make positive change. Some of us engage with fitness while others try but find it hard to keep going. Some don’t even try! That’s why the fitness industry is always finding new ways to engage us. Data trackers and virtual training are just the latest in a long line of changing trends and innovations. Early promises were focussed around burning calories and reducing waist lines – vibrating belts in the 50’s and 60’s although popular didn’t seem to make you thinner! The modern vibrating platform technology of the last 20 years has been successful (when used properly and professionally), but even that is no longer in vogue.

The concept of paying to exercise, or even organised exercise itself, was seen in the past to be quite extraordinary. Manual labour kept people fit and there was little leisure time. With increased free time and easy access to more processed foods, people’s fitness has declined, and the industry has grown. Boxing clubs, gyms and exercise classes are now commonplace. Do you remember aerobics, jazzercize and callanetics? All were popular and some are still going, even though some have evolved from their original format. Magazine and TV marketing showed how, you too, could have a beautiful body if only you bought the latest home gym equipment or the latest fitness magazines.

That, as you know, still goes on but thankfully the emphasis is shifting to health and wellbeing and away from pure weight loss or just looking good. We now go to bootcamps, and park runs, HIIT classes and tough mudders, we eat the paleo diet and ‘clean’ food. There are so many ways to be fitter and healthier! Whether its spinning or CrossFit there is something for everyone, and seeing your data on the latest wearable fitness trackers is motivating – especially when your friends are posting more steps than you!

I see technology helping my clients to monitor progress, enabling them to visibly see the re-balancing of their fitness as they improve their eating, activity and rest. Celebrating with them as they reach their goals is fabulous.

For some a good walk is enough, for others an hour gym session followed by a spin class or a yoga session is unbeatable. It’s becoming more difficult to avoid exercise – if you kickback and have some down time someone will spot you on your Strava feed, Fitbit group or social media timeline! We are competing with each other, burning calories, monitoring our nutrition, counting our steps and checking our sleep. This motivates us to make change. Be sure to use all the tools available to you, as long as you find them helpful and they move you towards your fitness goals. We have never had so much help! Keep things positive and fresh, have fun, enjoy and see what the future brings.


Richard Marfell
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