Since 2006 I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, massage therapist and nutritional advisor. During that time my attitude towards the industry and my way of working with clients have changed. Every year I learn more, and my experience has led me to change the way I deal with the issues that can arise when I’m helping my clients to improve their fitness and health.

I now believe that emotional support, empathy, having the time to listen, continuity and positivity are as important, if not more important, to help someone make change than exercise alone. Fitness is no longer just about exercise ‘sets’, ‘reps’ and diet plans. Understanding the barriers your client is struggling with, such as low self-esteem or confidence, is key to getting results.

Life’s experiences affect how we view ourselves and can hold us back – or they can give us the strength to push through difficult moments on our way to fitness, weight loss and better health.

Our outlook on life can have more of an effect on your long term weight loss than how many times you go to the gym. Having supportive, positive and encouraging people around you will help to keep you on track. To make progress we need to have fun and share experiences, ideas, recipes – as well as ‘Strava’ results and our number of daily steps. Achieving the results you want can be hard on your own, and it helps us immensely to surround ourselves with a team of friends or professionals who will care, support and guide us. We need someone there when things get tough!

  • I take an holistic approach to keeping healthy by concentrating on four key elements:
  • Nourishing my body with nutritious food
  • Making sure I move, with regular exercise and general daily activities
  • Resting my body to allow it to revitalise and heal
  • Socialising with others for emotional support and mental wellbeing.

We are so lucky, have fun, be healthy, move and enjoy the positives of life!

Richard Marfell Wellness Coach:
07800 636004